Attributed to Creative Plus

Where is the plus?

My name is Oren Moyush,
I am the owner of the production company with 30 years of experience, doing things for my own pleasure.

I work with talented people, I have an in-house post office, I don’t have 3 hands that cut out a coupon.
That’s why he manages to do good work – at particularly good prices,
For me, no job is too complex and no job is too small.
I am an artist, a creative person and full of creativity –
Also in creative production solutions.

Thanks to the experience with the leading companies in Israel
I am creative and marketing minded.

I am a man of the new world, very up-to-date and technological.
I make unique shortcuts.

I am talented in writing and naming,
In directing, designing and editing and any work I can do, I do it myself!

Production companies and advertising people need a lot of people and offices, everything is on the payroll – it puts a burden on you.

I work easily – and it’s easy to work with me.
working directly with you,
head to head
thinking in your favor
Cares about improving results and fair.
And to sum up the plus: you can trust me.

Oh…and I’m always available.
This is my direct line

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Meyuhas Productions